Friday, 19 December 2008

8 things

My blogging companion Ali tagged me for this and I learnt how sad my life is!! I hardly watch TV and go to the same restaurant down the road!! anyway here goes...

8 TV Shows I watch.
2. Strictly come Dancing
3. Through the Keyhole
4. Midsomer Murders
5. Frost
6. Songs of Praise
7. Who do you think you are?
8. Any nature programme

8 Favourite Restaurants
1. La Scala
2. The Greyhound Harvester
3. Hungry Horse
4. The Dick Turpin
5. Cosmos
6. The Dickens
7. The Tower Hotel
8. Anywhere with friends

8 Things that happened to me today
1. was made a cuppa of tea by one of 93 year olds
2. woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep again
3. surprised visit by Revd David Pearson
4. learnt the postman's name 'Wayne'
5. a friend offered to take me to an auction
6. received a touching 'thank you' card
7. received a Christmas present from an unexpected person
8. got a lovely hug from a friend

8 Things that I look forward to
1. Finishing my degree
2. Holiday with Nigel in January
3. Attending the 'Ceremony of Keys' Tower of London
4. Rotary Trip to Ham Mark, Germany
5. Rotary fellowship weekend
6. Meal with friends then a ride on The Eye
7. Trip to South Africa in 2010
8. Trip to Bangladesh 2009 with our Bengali neighbours

8 Things I wish for
1. Happiness and Health for my family and friends
2. Unity and peace amongst all people
3. Dad's op goes OK
4. Visit Auschwitz
5. Good nights sleep!!
6. cure/knowledge for Alzheimers
7. To see the Mousetrap play in London
8. that our own 'mice' guests have left!!

8 People I Tag
1. Janet
2. Dawn
3. Valerie
4. Liz
5. John
6. Dan
7. Alex
8. Sarah


Ali said...

OK, some thoughts on your list.

First of all, how anyone could look forward to a trip on that Eye is beyond me.

On a brighter note, don't you just love Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs :-)

Judith said...

hahaha - Oh I love going on the eye in fact with our tesco points we have an annual pass for it!!!

Jethro is gorgeous but I do love Ducky

Ali said...

Judy, I am shocked! What I meant was isn't he a brillaint actor


Judith said...

yea yea yea pull the other foot it's got bells on!!! lol