Monday, 15 December 2008

school concert and parents visit

This afternoon I attended the 2nd School Concert at Thames View Infants - bless them they were brilliant - will be back again tomorrow morning for the 3rd performance. I was invited to attend in my role as school Chaplain. Having visited the classrooms over the last week or so and seen the practices taking place it was delightful to see it actually happening on the day.

Fascinating to watch those who think they are on XFactor and try and steal the limelight away from the rest of class. One reception class had plastic circles on the floor on which they stood to perform their song - one little girl, who definitely thought she was Beyonce, picked up her circle and nudged her way forward until she was on the front row!! and then gave it her all :)

I left after the Seagulls Nursery performed the Nativity scene as my parents were coming to visit. Tomorrow, though, I shall be able to stay to end and chat with teachers and parents.

Karl with my Mum and Dad (photo taken this evening). My parents are retired but seem to more busy now then when they were working and it's difficult to pin them down to pop over to see us for a meal; however, they came late this afternoon and we exchanged Christmas presents, gossip etc - my middle brother also dropped by straight from work and Nigel very kindly treated us all to fish n' chips.

Here endeth another day :)


Dolly Dill said...

I saw my school nativity play yesterday. It was called the Bossy King. It was good. Was yours good?

Judith said...

Ours is called the Christmas Alphabet and every class came out and did an item beginning with a letter from the word Christmas and then we finished with the nativity play by the nursery children. It was brilliant. I am going again this morning so that I can talk to the parents, children and teachers after the perfomance. Hope you have a good day.

Buskitten said...

Oh, haha, that made me laugh about the X factor kids! I used to be a teacher in a secondary school, so I know exactly what you mean! Aren't they funny!
I am off tomorrow to stay with my mum for Christmas - National Express here I come! About an 8 hour journey from Kirkcudbright to Hereford, but greta value at 63 return!! Good old National Express, eh!

Judith said...

hahah - they were exactly the same this morning- all josling for the limelight!!! the reception class children are so funny there is always one who know all the words and sings two bars ahead of everyone else and completely out of tune BUT that's what makes the concert!! Have a lovely Christmas at your mothers.