Friday, 5 December 2008

There is definitely no room at this Inn!!!

Pets hmmm I've never been a great animal lover - they look lovely on postcards, birthday cards or even in other people's homes but "Not for me thank you". However, a cat at this precise moment is looking very appealing even Nigel mentioned this morning "Do you think we should get a cat?" Why the sudden interest you may wonder? the answer 'MICE' - a family of them have moved in under the stairs and may I add without being invited.

Being a minster (vicar, pastor) of course Biblical references come to mind and as it's the Christmas season my thoughts echo that of the Inn Keeper 'There is no room at the Inn' no matter how cute you might look!! so a long with my goldfish (Christmas present from Nigel) we might even have a cat by the end of the month too!!! watch this space..
"It is better to feed one cat than many mice" Norwegian Proverb


Ali said...

I'll give you a cat!

Judith said...

that's very kind of you!!! but I think we'll put down some poison first!! apparently, so one of mum was telling me, they like it in peanut butter!!

Anonymous said...

Mice! Well maybe a cat would not be so bad. At least you wouldn't have the problem anymore! LOL. Loved the post Judy! Blessings!

Judith said...

Thanks Val - I've never had mice before so it's a new experience for me!!! however, other than the last 5 years I've always have had a cat so maybe that's why there has a been a lack of mice in my life!! lol