Wednesday, 10 December 2008

mix-mash day

Today has been a mix-mash day of a meeting with ecumenical partners in a project this morning, carolling with council staff at Thames View Lodge this afternoon and this evening a fish n' chip meal at Rose's home with other Rotarian wives.

It has been an enjoyable day but sleep will not come easy tonight because there is so much going around in my head. The way forward for the ecumenical partnership which I have been working within for the last four and half years, listening to a resident tell me of the death of her 46 year old daughter a few years ago followed by her husbands a few months later, meal this evening within Rose's home (Rose's husband, John, died two months ago). A few of us felt it important to be with, support and share with Rose especially as we are coming up to Christmas - so we ordered fish n' chips and enjoyed each others company.

I'm going to give the kitchen a good clean now - surprisingly, somehow, that does seem to straighten my thoughts out!! and maybe it will enable me to have a peaceful night.

I hope you've had a good day too?

"People mistakenly assume that their thinking is done by their heads; it is actually done by the heart which first dictates the conclusion, then commands the head to provide the reasoning that will defend it." Anthony de Mello

"A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes." Gandhi


Anonymous said...

Hello Judy, thank you so much for your prayers. I have an award for you on my blog. Blessings and much love to you and yours.

Janet said...

Sounds like you had an emotional day Judith! I do hope you got to have a decent sleep though. It's awful to lie awake and have everything mumbo, jumbo inside! Philip's Uncle Peter was the president of one of the Rotarian Clubs a couple of years ago. They live near Beccles.

Judith said...

My dear Valerie - Thank you for my award - it certainly is an encouragement to keep going!! thank you my friend, Judyx

Judith said...

Hi Janet - most days are abit like that- I suppose in my line of work (minister) I get to hear so many peoples stories and be a part of so many peoples 'moments' that sometimes at the end of the day it's difficult to unwind or simulate everything. I would normally go for a walk but as I've still got a cold/no voice don't want to risk it at the moment. thanks for your comments, Judyx

Ali said...

Believe it or not, the word verification for this post is 'bless' ! I think that's a message for you

Judith said...

Oh that's wonderful Ali - most people 'bless' me!! haha