Friday, 19 December 2008

Doris and May

May and Doris in Doris's room

This morning I visited Doris (93) and May (90) to see how they were settling into their new accommodation. Their previous home Cloud House, where they both had lived for nearly 20 years, has closed down and the residents have been moved to various other homes within the area. At any age it is an upheaval to move homes - not just the packing but all the paper work -notifying everyone of your new address etc etc. finding a doctor, hairdresser and for Doris a place of worship.

Under EEC regulations Cloud House required to be updated as the residents rooms were not on-suite, which they both now have in their new home. Their rooms are quite large; in fact Doris's belongings looked quite lost. Doris said that everyone had been most helpful and friendly, they enjoyed the meals, entertainment was provided in the evenings and they were getting used to their new surroundings within the home and the area.

One of the major downside of the move is that their rooms overlook a driveway where as in Cloud House they overlooked the church gardens and Revd David's garden - and I would often to see them sitting at their windows watching the children from the playgroup play in the garden and they loved watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders in David's garden. I would go out into the garden and wave to them make a sign for a cuppa and then pop over.

As I left them I felt that they had put on a brave face for my benefit and, in reality, they were finding it difficult to settle in. As always I shall visit them on Christmas Day and aim to keep a close eye on them both.

I would ask, even though you don't know them, that after you have finished reading this that you will say a prayer for Doris and May.

Gracious God, hear my prayer for all those who are elderly, both in this community and throughout the land. May none feel unwanted or useless, or that they no longer have a contribution to make to our common life. May your peace rest upon those who suffer poor health and declining mobility; grant that they might each rest secure in your comforting presence. Be with those who still retain good health and vigour, that they might find the proper channels for their energies. And be especially with those who have lost the companionship of the one who has been with them throughout much of their lives, and who consequently feel great loneliness and grief, that their grief might be healed and their loneliness transcended through the comfort and peace which you alone can give; for your love's sake, hear my prayer. Amen.

prayer taken from the Falkland and Freuchie Parish Churches


Judith said...

Thank you to my kind friend for thinking about Doris & May. God bless you. Judyx