Sunday, 28 December 2008

A meme from Cherdecor

I saw this meme whilst visiting a new friends Cheryl's blog and thought I'd have a go too.

1. Of all the things currently inside your fridge, what is the thing you like best?
let me just go and have a peek :) OK will someone please remove the cheese before I finish the lot? I love all the mouldy looking cheeses Stilton & Danish Blue.

2. Pick a quote, any quote, and share it here. It may or may not be appropriate to the season.
If you see someone without a smile - give them one of yours.

3. Of all the weather you've experienced in the last 7 days, what was you favourite moment?
the weather has not been too bad really - we've had some cold frosty moments but my highlight was sitting outside in the sun the other morning having my 1st cuppa of the day.

4. Regardless of what you celebrate, or when, or why, what was your favourite gift that you received recently?
my kitten (Karmen) from my husband (Nigel)

5. If you have pets, do they behave differently when you are home more than usual (ie, days off as opposed to when you are at work most of the time)?
just recently got a Kitten who, when I'm working from my office at home, loves to sit on my shoulder and fall asleep

6. Post one favourite photo you've taken this year and tell why you like it.

This photo was taken in July of this year. My father turned 70 and we had a family gathering at my house. This photo was taken in the garden when the grandchildren along with their grandfather were letting off party poppers. I love this photo because it shows my father with his youngest grandchild, Bethany aged 5, and his oldest grandchild, Karl aged 21.

7. Have you made any new friends this year?
I've been privilege to have made a lot of new friends whilst blogging this year. One blogger, John and his wife, stayed with us in August and another blogger, Ali, I spoke to on the phone yesterday for the 1st time.

8. Have you read more books this year than last? No, I haven't - this year I started my degree so have been browsing books rather than reading them for assignments; however, my son bought me a book for Christmas which I intend to start this evening.

9. How many 2009 calendars do you have? I received three for Christmas!!! One from the Creekmouth Preservation Society a group I belong to that is endeavouring to preserve the memories of a village in Barking which was destroyed by a flood in 1953 - one from my mother with family photos for each month and devotional one from a friend at church.

10. Did you learn or try anything new this year (a skill, a hobby, a food, anything)?
Yes, I started blogging this year!!!

Now you have ago....


Ali said...

First of all, can I say Secret Agent Schultz, how honoured I am to be listed as one of your blogging friends in this post :-)

Some answers:

I too looked in my fridge, and discovered it needed a good bung out! Christmas leftovers are always kept and never used. I didn't fancy any of that, and only a nice squishy brie and smoked salmon were left - I'd take either.

I have read loads this year, see the link to Book Circle and Pudding Club on my blog. Some real corkers; my favourite was The Book Thief which I highly recommend.

I have three 2009 calendars: a family organiser, as my family defo need organising! A desk calendar with a different cupcake recipe for every single day of the year (yum yum) and a free one which was delivered by the local Gospel Hall today.

I didn't learn any new skills this year, but brushed up on a few old neglected ones like singing and playing the bodhran, though not at the same time!

Judith said...

Thanks Ali - I shall clean my fridge out tomorrow ready for dustbin day on Tuesday. Karl bought me 'Dear Fatty' Dawn French's autobiography which I wanted so shall start reading that. I've blogged quite a bit today mainly because Nigel has hogged the front room watching his DVD's he got for Christmas - none of which appeal to me!!! Mass tidy up tomorrow as have friends coming round late afternoon. take care, judyx

Cherdecor said...

Judith, I really enjoyed reading your meme! It is so fun getting to know new people and the things they like and what they are doing. Also, I think that I am going to get an education by reading your blog. Ali's comments "a good bung out", I have never heard before. I am guessing that it means "a good cleaning out." I love all of the writings of others and hope to learn a ton. I wonder what squishy brie is? =)

Happy New Year!