Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A few quiet moments

Literally - my voice has gone on holiday and so 'yes' it is very quiet I can't sing, can't speak hence the reason behind the title of my blogger - so I have taken 'time out' to reorganize my blogs, my website, various websites that I belong too and my laptop computer.

I have decided to return home to blogger and will cancel my viviti site in time. Mainly because I only really want a blog site and having experimented with viviti - blogger is easier for me because I can send blogs via my Picasa photo site and my Microsoft word.

So thank you to you my loyal friends for following me from blogger to viviti and, hopefully, back to blogger again.

As much as it frustrates me - being quiet has had it's advantages:-

1. I hear more of what is going on around me
2. I have to think carefully about what I want to communicate so that I am understood 1st time around!!
3. My quiet time with God has literally been a 'quiet time'

Some things don't change though and it's time for a cuppa!! lol


valerie lynn said...

Hello my friend. Yes I have followed you! LOL I have a nice award awaiting you. Much love!

Judith said...

Thank you so much Valerie, with much love Judyx