Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My 1st Award

Thank you so much to Valerie for presenting me with my 1st Blog Award.
I've only known Valerie for a few months and, even though we've never met in the flesh, Valerie has certainly been a true friend.

So thank you Valerie.

It only truely means something when you give it away to someone else so I am giving the award to:



valerie lynn said...

You are so very welcome. God bless and love you my friend.

Liz said...

WElcome back to blogdom - I can personally connect with you better in this medium ! :)

Judith said...

Thank you Valerie and Thank you Liz

Ali said...

Way hey! I've never had an award before, least of all one for my blog!!

Thankyou so much Judy/Judith, you've made my day :-)

Dawn said...

Yeah, Judy/'s like calling Liz, Elizabeth - it just doesn't feel right! Which is it to be?!

Judith said...

hahaha thought I would be grown up - actually some people have always called me Judith and there are others who sway in the wind and call be Judith & Judy and there are others, like your goodself, who have only ever known me as Judy and others who call me Janet, Julia, June, Jean merely because they all begin with a J... it is entirely up to you - love Judyx :)
ps: my mother only calls me Judith

Ali said...

Oh, that's like the whole Ali/Alison thing.

I was Alison for the first blah blah (!) number of years of my life, more recently family and those who know me best call me Ali, as started by my mum.

I always introduce myself as Alison and then those with me or referring to me call me Ali just to confuse the issue - go figure what that's all about!

Judith said...

Ali/Alison - yes but what I don't understand is why my mother shortens my middle brother's name from Jeffrey to Jeff and my youngest brother from Edward to Ed but will not call me Judy!! nor does she like the fact that other people call me Judy
Dawn/Dawn - I have also realized that I'm old enough and married long enough for you to be my daughter - now that is scary!!

Dawn said...

That is the case for most of my friends - it only bothers me if it bothers you!

(and my name doesn't get shortened, but there are a few people in the world who call me Dawnie - and get away with it! There are an even smaller number of people (that would be two!) who call me 'Watson'!)

Judith said...

Hi Dawn - what's age between friends most of my friends are alot older than me..