Saturday, 7 March 2009

checking up on me!!

It's rather disturbing or flattering when you realize that other bloggers actually DO read your posts and even more frightening when they request a follow up!! :)

Last Sunday I posted about the fact that my vicar, Revd David, had put me in charge of the garden tray that the children had scattered seeds into during the Family Service - I am to bring it back to Family Service this Sunday (tomorrow) so that the children can see how their seeds have grown- you can read the original post here

Well, Ali has posted a comment wanting to know how the garden was progressing, especially as the dear little souls were very anxious last week that it had been left in my care!! Ali here is a photo of the garden tray and I'm very relieved that tomorrow is the last day because as you can see the mustard and cress are drooping rather a lot and require harvesting.


Riet said...

Oh dear.... nut I am sure it will be alright.

Ali said...

good good good.

my stress levels are going down and I will sleep easy in the knowledge the children will not be disappointed tomorrow.

Of course, you have done far too good a job and now will be handed responsibility for all plant-care in future

Buskitten said...

Oh they look good Judy! They've grown! I bet the children were pleased as punch!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Judith,
Aren't little ones just darling? Their excitemment is so contagious! I trust everyone was pleased today. Have a lovely day.


valerie lynn said...

Judith, I wish to thank you from my heart for your prayers. I love reading your blog! God bless you my friend. Much love to you and yours.

Janet said...

Well done! Who said you didn't have green fingers? LOL! Glad the watercress grew and I am sure the children will be delighted!
Have a wonderful week!

Tealady said...

Hi Judith,

Add me to the list of your readers who wondered how the seedlings fared during the week. I used to teach elementary school and have been in similar situations myself. LOL

All the best, Lana

sailorcross said...

I was wondering how your plants were doing, especially since I received an herb garden as a gift. My oregano and basil are doing well--growing fantastically!!

However, the thyme and rosemary seem to be a bit droopy. Do you think they need cutting back a little??

Now, I'm going to go check and see how Karmen's doing!