Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Retreat - 17th-19th March

Nigel and I shall be leaving later this morning to attend our Divisional Retreat, which is held at Sunbury Court. This event occurs, at this time, every year and it is an opportunity for all of us (about 40 people who work and minister within The Salvation Army - church leaders, social centre managers and chaplains) to meet up and and share fellowship, listen to and be challenged by guest speakers as well as being able to relax in beautiful surroundings. I shall be taking my camera and laptop so, hopefully, will be able to post some photos for you too see.

The theme for this years Retreat is "LivingWell - Discipleship" and Major Noel Wright is our guest speaker and he will be sharing God's word with us from John 4 and John 6. John will be leading three sessions which are entitled:-

1. Living well by drinking
2. Living well by eating
3. Living well by being thirsty and hungry

If the weather in Sunbury on Thames is anything like the weather we have been enjoying here in Barking - then we are certainly in for a treat as the grounds of Sunbury Court as well as the area surrounding it will be beautiful. This is a photo of Sunbury Court, which I have taken of their website and you can read more about the house and location here


Janet said...

I do hope you have a wonderful time Judith and that you and Nigel will both receive many blessings. I love your new look by the way! I have a little candle in a glass jar just like yours that says "Janet"!