Sunday, 1 March 2009

Oh the stress of it all!!

Just home from church and feeling stressed out!!! and this photo shows the cause of it..

Today's story in Family church was the parable of the sower - Revd David had made this interesting garden out of soil and pebbles to use as his illustration. Well all was going well - he invited the children to take turns in throwing seeds into the garden to see where they landed - the children were having a whale of a time and us, adults, were enjoying watching them enjoying themselves. It was at that point I should have made an excuse of having to go and conduct some emergency visiting somewhere!!

Revd David announced to the children "As I'm on holiday next week and Judy is leading the Family Service I'll ask her to look after the garden and bring it back next week so you can see how your seeds have grown." I sat with a frozen smile on my face as 15 pairs of children's eyes (aged 7 and under) glared back at me and I have to say, at this point, that they were not amused!! I could see it written on their faces 'Revd David you are leaving our garden with Judy?'

I tried to make some intelligent enthusiastic noises about 'oh what fun' etc etc but they didn't look convinced - in fact Jeremy, aged 4, on the way out of service came up to me and said "Now Judy don't forget to water OUR garden." Young as they are they have already sussed me out and know that I am useless with plants..

So I am feeling rather stressed - do I water the garden now or tomorrow? do I water it everyday? where do I put it? and lastly 'I hope the cat doesn't find it and thinks it's another dirt tray' I now need to go and lie down and rest...


Swerdnic said...

ow, don't worry!
all i know is to keep seeds in a warm room that gets lots of light. conservetry? or something similar. but i put seeds in the shed last year and they were fine.
They'll be ok, don't worry. nature is strong. lol

good luck for next week.

Riet said...

Oh you poor thing. LOL. I just would keep it high so that the cat wouldn't think she had to water it. LOL

Smilingsal said...

With a cat, I don't think there's a chance of getting it out of reach. A little water now is a good idea along with some light, but not direct sunlight.

Karen said...

Say A pray to Saint Fiacre
Patron Saint of Gardeners

Anonymous said...

LOL It sounds like we are kindred spirits in the plant department. I can't get them to grow. My hubby on the other hand took over the few plants I have in my plant window and they are looking beautiful :>)

Ali said...


Janet said...

LOL! Good luck dear friend! I am sure those little seeds will start sprouting and you will have happy smiles from little faces!
Have a lovely week!