Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Judith (Community Chaplain)

I am entering a very exciting time within my ministry, which I have been working towards for the last 5 years - a new worship space within a new housing area.

Because there is so much going through my mind and so much to do, as well continuing to minister to folk I am already ministering too!!! I have decided to start another blog so that I can organize my mind (do you feel like that sometimes - you just have to write things down to clear your head?) I would be honoured if you had the time to visit me there too and comment - don't we all just love comments? it's your comments that encourge me.

By clicking on the photo you will be transported to my 'ministry site' - thank you.
God bless you all - Judith


Deb said...

what a nice idea, love the photo

Rhondi said...

What an exciting time for you!
Hugs, Rhondi

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Judith,
This is one of the reasons why I really like you and your blog.. You're such Godly and really reminds us to uplift our faith.. Thanks a lot..