Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hastings and Eastbourne

Last night we stayed at the Hastings Travel Lodge and today we ventured down to the old part of Hastings and photographed the old fishing net shops..these I took on my mobile

Although the sun was shinning it was still bitterly cold so we decided to drive to our next location Eastbourne. We drove along the coastal road and from the car!! the sea, beaches and surrounding areas looked beautiful lol

Nigel bought me a digital camera to enable me to blog photos of a better quality, which I thought was very kind of him :) thank you dear xxx The majority of my photos I have taken with my mobile phone.
Eastbourne Travel Lodge where we are staying this evening and tomorrow night.

view from our bedroom window..

Bye for now - wishing you an enjoyable evening.


Smilingsal said...

What a beautiful view you had! Thanks for sharing. (Thanks to Nigel, too.)

Cherdecor said...

What a beautiful Travel Lodge! It looks more like a palace! How beautiful and your pictures are very nice!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures! I hope you have a wonderful time. Happy New Year.

Elaine Dale said...

Look out, Judith's got a proper digital camera! Congratulations.

Is the Dawn French book good?

Buskitten said...

Oh how very lovely to see those picyures! I have such happy memories of my student days spent in Hastings (when I should have been in college, of course!) Isn't it a wonderful, atmospheric place? It sounds as if you are having a lovely time Judith what didgy cam did you get? Keep warm and see you soon!

Janet said...

Oh Judith - what lovely scenes! It all looks so quaint and pretty! Johannesburg is just a bustling city with a very young architecture and not much romance! How I would love to visit your little villages and walk along the lanes again!
Enjoy your break and keep that nose warm!
With love

Judith said...

Smilingsal - he has his moments!! lol

Cheryl - The Travel Lodge was once an old hotel which TL bought and renovated.

Elaine - Yes, Dawn French Book is good - I like the way she has written it in the style of letters to everyone she knows.

Buskitten - The camera is a Samsung S1070 from ASDA lol - pictures of the phone are on Twitpic which is located in my sidebar

Judith said...

Janet - I forgot to tell you that I have found Nigel's cousins wife on blogspot - Margies Lines. Jeff and Margaret live in Pretoria and also are Salvation Army Officers. I have never met them and Nigel met Jeff when he was about 14 so that's along time ago. But through the wonder of blogland its amazing who you find!!