Friday, 2 January 2009

Mayesbrook Park

Today I went for a quick walk to Mayesbrook Park via my nearest entrance and to the lake and then out of the Drive entrance back home.

In Barking and Dagenham we are very fortunate to have so many parks and open spaces for an area so close to London. I am very fortunate because I am within 5 to 10 minutes of two parks _ Mayesbrook Park and Barking Park. We are currently being encouraged to Vote for our park so that if it wins it will receive money to help preserve, renovate and upgrade facilities - I have just voted on line for Mayesbrook Park. This is the blurb on the website..

The Mayes Brook, which gives this park its name, is now constrained behind tall railings in a concrete channel. A grant would help to deliver exciting plans to:

1.transform the river into a far more natural form; up a footpath alongside the river;
3.improve the lakes for fishing and wildlife;
4.improve the woodland;
5.plant more trees;
6.improve play facilities

I was quite surprised to see that the lake was still partially frozen but the Canadian Geese and other ducks did not see to be perturbed by this. The Park looks very bleak but come the spring when the daffodils are out and the trees - especially the Weeping Willows - are once more lush it will look entirely different.

After a brisk walk it was wonderful to arrive home and to be welcomed by Karmen (kitten) who just wanted more food!!! plus a lovely, hot, rejuvenating cup of tea before I sit down to start on my assignment.


Smilingsal said...

Beautiful large park you've got close by, and a lovely collection of tea pots. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday.

Gattina said...

When our son lived in London (Norwood junction) we quite often went to Christal Palace because there is a nice parc too. Around Croydon too. There it was the first time in my life that I met a fox and the years after many others !
It would be nice if you join my cat group Cats on Tuesday. It's mostly for people who don't have a special cat blog so once a week it's fun to talk about our little living tigers ! I have to make a new blogroll for 2009 to see who joins and who left. I'll do that probably next tuesday.

Indeed little Karmen looks like Rosie !