Thursday, 22 January 2009

My photo of the day - 6

The HOPE of spring - photo taken in the school garden this morning.


Charli and me said...

The snow is still thick on the ground in our area. I can't wait until spring! A good sign, although quite early, is the appearence of Easter decorations in the stores.

Deanna said...

Ahhh, new life. And we await spring.

Sweet picture for sure.

Deanna :)

Smilingsal said...

The promise of spring.

Janet said...

Excellent! I have to tell you, I was a little chilly last night - that means our autumn is on it's way and I AM NOT COMPLAINING! Looking forward to cooler weather on this side! As I type this it is POURING outside - we have a hectic storm on the go!
Sending love from SA