Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year Resolution - half hour walk

One of my New Year Resolutions is to have at least a half hour brisk walk everyday - so off I ventured to Greatfields Park situated not far from The Salvation Army. Nigel decided to join me, which is good because he walks so fast that in fact it became a half hour jog for me :(

I did take quite a few photos with my mobile phone that led Nigel to say 'Are you here for walk or photography session?' 'Both' I replied..

The first place you should always look for is the loo!! lol

On our way round we were run down by Joyce on her rather dilapidated bike wearing her slippers!! Joyce had been to have a cuppa with her sister who lives on the other side of the Park so therefore had worn her slippers because she was just going from one house to another. I do love characters like Joyce.

My favourite trees 'Weeping Willows' which look as they though they desperately need a drink.

Nigel inspecting the paving stones which he and a group of youngsters repaired last year as part of the Soul in the City programme.

Now to plan tomorrows walk..


Ali said...

Walking is not only great exercise, but great therapy too. When I was ill, my doctor told me to walk every day so I did, and it really helped. Something to do with Endorphins which you can apparently also get from chocolate. At the start I'd rather have eaten two bars of chocolate a day, but the walking caught on and I actually started to enjoy it!

Ali said...

PS thats not to say I'd say 'no' to any offers of chocolate that people might be thinking of making.

Just wanted to clear that up!

Judith said...

hahaha glad you've made your point!! before learning to drive
10 yrs ago I walked everywhere but driving is so much easier but not as healthy so this year it is really making that conscious effort to walk more..and have some chocolate occasionally!! :)

judicreations said...

Happy New Year Judith
Good for you for makng a New Year's resolution like makes it more fun when you run into...or have runins with people like Joyce. That was funny.
Keep up the good work...and thank you for sharing your pics along the way.
have a lovely day

Judith said...

Hi Judi - yes Joyce is quite a character! I was with her a couple of months ago at an event and she decided to have cigarette (It was an outside do) then threw the end into a bin which caught fire - a nearby workmen came running over with with a fire extinquisher to put it out. Quite a

Molly said...

Walking is a great resolution. Not only have you exercised, but you took pictures and socialized as well.

Dora said...

Think i will first look for a loo too. ;p

Happy New Year to u and ur family. :)

Sarah & Kevin Arrow said...

I may be taking up walking once the dog finishes his Jabs! Not sure how I will take to it though!

Cherdecor said...

Oh, to visit London! I love looking at your landscapes. I am assuming that it is winter there? Right?
I will be watching for spring flowers this spring as you jog through the park taking photos.