Monday, 12 January 2009

Mission 4 Monday

please visit my Mission 4 Monday on and maybe you, too, would like to join and set a 'mission' for yourself this week. God bless you, Judith


Anonymous said...

Judith I have an award waiting for you! Blessings!

2L3Bs World said...

dearest Judith,
first may i thank you for your comments and your kind concern about us being so impatient. i just hope and pray that our dream to immigrate shall materialize soon..

and prior to your sunday site, you are so right.. sometimes we used to talk to people we love and tell them we are praying for them but then you will suddenly realize you had missed your promise. to overcome this, i started to say my holy rosary almost daily on my way to my office. it only takes 20 mins and it's really amazing how it do wonders to me.. imagine just as little as 20 mins of your time to praise and thank the Lord and for the good of the people you love? those prayers are to thank the Lord and Mama Mary, for my family and friends here, there and everywhere.. you're one of them Judith.. God bless.
I should hope to be a part of your mission..