Friday, 9 January 2009

Off with her head!!

Nigel and I, with other members of The Barking Rotary Club, will be at The Tower of London this evening for the Ceremony of the Keys. This ceremony has taken place for over 600 years and you can read about it on Hopefully, I shall not find myself in the dungeons or at Traitors Gate but will arrive home safely with my head intact!!lol

took these photos during the summer - I live about 8 miles from The Tower of London but with London traffic it can take me, by car, anything from 20 mins to hour to get there.


valerie lynn said...

Wow, awesome pictures! How wonderful to live so close to places like the London Tower. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics and thank you so much for all you warm and thoughtful comments on my blog! I love you so much! You are indeed a blessing to me! God bless!

Riet said...

I have seen trooping the colours several times on the BBC. I do watch the BBc a lot. Love their programs

Susan said...

How fun! I went and looked at the site...if you are allowed to take pictures I hope you do!

Sounds like a great evening!

Cherdecor said...

I watched the video. I like when they answer, "Queen Elizabeth's Keys."

Have a wonderful evening.

runamoks said...

Wow, what interesting history! I would love to visit there sometime.