Saturday, 24 January 2009

My photo of the day - 8

My photo of the day (well it's two really but of the same subject!!)

Who remembers the Janet & John books that we use to read at school? Well they're back - Nigel received a copy for Christmas.

What early reading books do you remember from your schools days?


Smilingsal said...

In my early schooling, it was Dick and Jane, with their younger blond headed sister, Sally.

The Muse said...

I'm with Smiling Sally on this one LOL The time I was in the US, it was Dick, Jane and Sally, Spot the dog and Muffy the cat (i think) LOL

Dawn said...

You can buy the audio books read by Terry Wogan. My Dad thinks they are hilarious! Apparently he used to have a Janet and John spot on his Radio 2 morning show.

Deanna said...

I definately remember Dick and Jane!

I have several of my childhood school books that I was lucky to find at an antique store.

Deanna :)

Cherdecor said...

My books were about Alice and Jerry. They had a dog named Jip.

Look Alice look!
Come Jerry come!
Run Jip run!
Alice and Jerry come and look!
Run Jip run!

Mimi said...

I'm a Dick and Jane gal. But, the book is adorable.

Elaine Dale said...

Seems like everyone on this side of the Atlantic endured Dick, Jane and Sally in elementary school. I remember such earth shaking statements as See Sally run. Run Sally, run. The illustrations were lovely. I have a love of beautifully illustrated children's books - Eloise Wilkin was one of my favorites. Also love anything by Shirley Hughes.

Ali said...

Peter and Jane in my day. And Pat the dog.

An interesting aside, when I returned home this afternoon, I discovered that my son had been listening to my husband's CD of the Terry Wogan's Jane and John stories whilst I was away.

I listened a bit with him - I'd forgotten how hilarious they were

Anonymous said...

I don't remember that book. I am like Sally and The Muse. I remember Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot and Puff. "See Jane Run". Thats as early back as I remember.
I had a nice visit. come by and visit me as well. I'll be back.

Janet said...

Oh my gosh! I remember those sooooo well. We also used them in SA when I was a child. Not any more though ... not sure what they use now! How divine! I must look through my old boxes - perhaps I can find a couple of my old ones!

Sarah & Kevin Arrow said...

Yay! Janet and John are back, does she still do the housework while John helps dad with the car?

Michael said...

My dad has a CD of Terry Wogan's Janet and John. And I think it is hilarious