Monday, 5 January 2009


Nigel and I are away for a few days leaving Karl to look after Karmen and the goldfish. We stayed at Broadstairs Travel Lodge last night and I woke at about 4am looked out of the window and saw that the whole car park and surrounding area was covered in snow.

my car is the little one on the right on it's own...aahhh

Today it has been extremely cold and the weather tonight is expected to go down to minus 10, which I am aware for some of my blogger friends is not cold at all!!! but for me it is :(

Tonight we are staying in Hastings at the Hasting Travel Lodge - we've had our evening meal in the restaurant and tomorrow we shall endeavour to drive to the seafront!!

So I wish you a good evening and keep warm..bbrrrrrr


Riet said...

So nice to be away for a couple of days. Have a nice rest of your trip

Ali said...

How pretty! I love snow, well, looking out at it from a centrally heated house that is :-)

enjoy you're very well-earned break. I hope karmen looks fater Karl well ;-)

Swerdnic said...

ooooo....I hope it's not too cold for you. have a good time! Lx

Janet said...

Oh Lucky you! Snow! I would love to make a snow angel - right now! Only it's 25 degrees C and the sun is beating down! Hahaha!
I hope you enjoy your little "getaway"!
With love

Buskitten said...

Hi Judith!
Hope you and Nigel have a lovely few days away - I hope you've packed your thermals!! They will be needed! I love Hastings Old Town - I spent many happy times around the Kent coast when I should have been at college! It's a beautiful area, hope you get to Rye. Did you get the 9 pound Travel Lodge offer? We saw it, but we are off to Italy in March, so decided to wait for that holiday, as we'll have to stay at Stanstead Airport due to silly-time flights!

Judith said...

Hi Buskitten - Yes we've managed to book up some of the £9 rooms in August - this week we have paid £12. We did pop into Rye but it was so cold that we didn't stay long but have made a note to visit again when its warmer. Yep popped into old Hastings too - I love that area too. Judith

Judith said...

Hi Janet - what a contrast in weather you and I are having? I could do with some of your warmth today my nose was so cold it felt as though it was going to fall off!!

Hi Ali - yes I agree with you the snow looks wonderful when you are indoors!! lol

Cherdecor said...

Brrrr! It does look cold there, but it looks oh so peaceful.