Wednesday, 7 January 2009

To Eastbourne and beyond

Goodness gracious me - 9.45am and we've just woken up!!! I can't remember the last time that Nigel and I slept in so late :0 but do I feel guilty - NO WAY!! obviously we are both catching up on sleep and just enjoying the non-interruptions.

a grey, cold day
taken through the car window

We decided to venture past Beachy Head today, where we normally stop for a cuppa, and drive along the coastal road to Brighton (although we didn't visit Brighton). The weather was typical British weather - grey, cold and overcast but we were not going to let this spoil our day - I think our assignment on 'Positive Psychology' must be rubbing off on us!! lol

Nigel at work with his camera

As we had risen late this morning we hadn't had any breakfast so by now our tummies were rumbling when Nigel spied a carvery advertising a roast meal with all the trimmings for £3.50 and it was in a seaside village called 'Peacehaven'. As much as we enjoyed our meal we soon realized that we were the youngest two in the restaurant as all the pensioners arrived to take advantage of the mouth-watering offerings and I don't blame them.

Peacehaven beach - the tide is out.

We made our way back to The Travel Lodge as Nigel wanted to put the finishing touches to his assignment and this gave me the opportunity to visit all the book shops in town on my own.


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. I get the chance to travel and see such beautiful and awesome places right from my computer! God is indeed good! Much love to you my friend!

Riet said...

You are still enjoying your holidays and sleeping in in these dark days feels so good don't you think. Enjoy the rest

Buskitten said...

This is just so fabulous Judith - I remember Peacehaven so well, I remember it as a quiet little place, and very charming. I would love to travel some more in the UK, particularly England, as I rarely get there these days....
I am enjoying your holiday very much!

Judith said...

Dear Buskitten I have to admit I never knew there was a such a place called Peacehaven until we arrived there!! we didn't really explore much mainly because it was cold but we were just saying this evening that we need to return again later on in the year when the weather is kinder for exploring. Going back home tomorrow, I do miss Karmen and wonder if she remembers me?

Janet said...

How interesting that you have managed to find family living in Pretoria. That's not too far from where we live - another big city! Enjoy your last evening away - I am sure Karmen will be delighted to have you home!